Finally at the toe

This morning is once again beautiful. Colorado truly has awesome sunrises and sunsets. Makes you think anything is possible. I am sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, and finally ready to start my toe. Finally!

I have no idea how those amazing knitters’ can knit not only one sock but two in a day. I think this is the most treasured and expensive sock I own now and I have only one.  Hopefully, there will be two. I am close to the end of spring semester and am looking forward to delving into books that contain wonderful words of fiction instead of the incredibly informative and fact-ridden words of textbooks.

SPQR (or spor as I thought it was) is a book about ancient Roman, written by Mary Beard. I saw this book being reviewed by a podcast (Stitching Between the Pages) and began a quest to get it. It is a hard book to find. Finally had to purchase from the online superstore I will simply call The Great A!

So looking forward to knitting a toe, reading about Caesar, and drinking more coffee, before heading to work.

Let the day begin!20160425_072530


Hello World

Hello world.

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say when you create a new world?   Allow me to introduce myself. My name is SeaWitch  (actually it’s Chelsea). I love yarn.  I love the feel of an outstanding Marino wool and nylon blend, the slight bite of a tweed, and the smell of lavender soak.

I have many passions, one being my two cats, a cockatiel, and one grumpy lizard. A boyfriend who shakes his head at my ever growing stash.  Who had to be explained that you always needed multiples of needles, one set isn’t enough, and it’s nearly impossible to “just” start a project, finish it, and use those needles for a new project. Silly man.

I decided to create a space where I can place thoughts,ideas, and possibly some gripes now and then. I hope you will join me.

So, without further ado, let the journey begin.


A brand new day

It’s 5:46 in the morning and the sun is cresting the edge is the world. It will be a beautiful Sunday.

A siren started somewhere close and a husky is answering it’s call with his own. Probably annoying some neighbors but who can stop a husky?

Buddha, the overweight orange tabby who owns me, is meowing for food and a share of my Regia Arne & Carlos yarn.  I am knitting a sock with this wonderful yarn. Just one sock. I forgot to buy another skein of the same colorway. I bought three skeins, all separate colorways. So it looks like mismatched socks it shall be. Just turned the heel, the cat grabbed the yarn and some stitches slipped off needles….

It’s going to be a beautiful day.